County 15 – Hot Springs County 

…and Lord, what kind of heart does it take to work (to serve) without pay? To completely give ones self without any expectation of compensation? If anyone knows Lord it’s You! 

Lord we pray for anyone who volunteers their time! In a way, could it be the tithe of ones efforts, of ones self? A sacrifice for the benefit of another. Whatever Your answer, we thank You for these people so willing to lay down their own desires for the needs of others. Countless organizations see tremendous benefit from their actions. 

We pray for their pursuit! We pray for You to be the harmony in every organization they are involved in. May every organization be aligned with Your will! May we see and understand the true benefit and purpose in our sacrifice of time. 

May volunteers receive a blessing of Your design! May we take lessons and notes and learn from their service. May the organizations they serve treat them with respect and honor! 

Father in heaven! We pray for Your blessings to fill our lives! We pray for You to be the center of life! We pray for a purpose through service in You to fulfill us. Thank you for all You do to inspire us! You are truly an inspirational God! Once one learns of Your character it’s literally impossible to not be moved! May we see a full life in You! 

Praise God! Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! Glory to God! There is victory in Your name! 

The time for change has come. In Jesus name we pray, amen. 

Credit photo to Michael Smith