County 17 – Campbell County 

Father in heaven,

…we pray, You listen. May we never underestimate the power You enable through prayer. May we seek Your character and align our prayers with that. We pray, You listen. May our actions be the key that unlocks Your ear Lord. By our actions You respond. We pray, You respond. 

Lord we pray for the 29,893 people who did not claim a church in Campbell County.

Acts 10.

Lord, here we see an account of how the obedience of a few people impacted a multitude. People from completely different parts of society finding unity in a mutual purpose. We see a community who loves You and shows it through their actions. 

Lord I pray we respond to what Your Word tells each of us. May we be a community throughout Wyoming who loves Jesus and it shows through our actions. May the Gospel be so visible in our communities it can’t be ignored. 

The time for change has come. In Jesus name we pray, amen. 

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