County 1 – Natrona County

As I step out into the brisk Wyoming air, I can feel that familiar bite. The crisp air alerts me to the reality that is around me. The bite is quickly diminished, as a kiss from the morning sun touches my cheek. I’m soon inside the envelope of its light and I discover truth within its warmth. The morning rays sparkle as they dance off the tips of the trees, and up ahead in the distance I can hear the voice of the river. It’s desperately trying to tell me its story. But to hear it all now, would be too soon. My perspective needs to experience the impact the river has had on the landscape.

While time carry’s me to the banks of the river, evidence of the rivers’ impact sings its beautiful song. My footsteps begin to walk in harmony with its rhythm. The aroma of life fills the essence of my presence and awakens my soul! “O how I long for You – my beautiful Lord!”

At first sight, I can’t ignore the raw power of the river as it makes its mark on the landscape. I’m in awe! What a sight to behold! Even in its raging effort I can sense the peace it brings to the environment.

Captivated by its beauty, I want to put my hand in it. I start with my fingers. The coolness I feel gives me a spirit of refreshment. Watching the ripples run through my fingers, I can tell that the current underneath is busier – hard at work to do more. In order to truly get a sense of what’s actually happening, I immerse my entire hand. The strength is overwhelming at first because the current desires to move whatever is in it. I didn’t know how to prepare my hand, because I didn’t yet know what to anticipate.

I can tell now that deep within its current are life nourishing properties, it’s what drives the flow of each river’s identity. As it flows, water will always seek truth. While my hand participates, it begins to acclimate to the flow of the river’s identity and the current begins to carry my thoughts, I’m inspired in a new way. A way that I’ve never before imagined!

I’m renewed in the flow of the river’s identity, I watch it as it work its way through the world to find its own level as water knows how to do. Nothing else in life can cleanse like truth can.

So I rise up, see the truths that are all around me, and then life begins to surge through my skin! My soul floods with the desire to follow that deep current! To be in the river; to be of the river; to be with the river!

What a blessing! I am truly blessed! In the coming days, my blessings will now be found in the discovery of being a part of where the river goes! My Lord and my God! You’ve opened my eyes to the world You meant for all of us to see! Who am I to deserve such a blessing?

We pray for the 47,670 people in Natrona County who have yet to connect into a gospel church in this county. May they continue to find truth in churches like, Casper Faith and Restoration Church. May our Lord expand, elevate and reinforce the credibility of the local church.

As the river flows, so the time has come for the current to carry us. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

This month as we pray for Wyoming, we will prayerfully seek how our Lord nourishes the rooted trees through water. As we go county by county, let the Holy Spirit speak through your prayer. Pray your knowledge of each county and seek His will. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.

Credit photo to PrayerTrip2015

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