County 10 – Fremont County

My Lord! You are the head of the church! As you think, the church will move! Praise You!

Lord I can’t recall another season in my life where I’ve been witness to so many people enthusiastically working for a cause. The collective commitment is unwavering. If one doesn’t stop and pay attention to the effort being put forth by those fully committed to Your will through the church, they just might miss out on what it is to experience a mere whisper of Your character. No Fortune 500 company could rival a church that flows through its community.

“Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically. Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying. When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality. Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them; pray that God will bless them. Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all!” Romans‬ ‭12:9-16‬ ‭NLT‬‬

I’m in awe! What a sight to behold! Even in its raging effort I can sense the peace it brings to the environment.

From the pew, we will see a well articulated communication of Your word. The smell of fresh coffee finds its way through the rooms. We hear children singing songs to You. We see friends shaking hands. Sounds of shared laughter echo off the halls of the building, and hugs given in care are visible to all around.

But underneath the surface of the flowing river, many are hard at work. That current below is heavier, quicker and busier. It’s late hours asking You for just the right words to say in a sermon. Phone calls that could last for hours. Meetings are held to ensure the safety of all who enter. It’s endless hours at a calculator, because every dollar provided is a blessing from You! It’s late nights at a hospital giving the best comfort possible to an ailing soul. It’s leaving a wedding only to go on to provide heart felt words with those grieving a loss. It’s playing the same note on an instrument over and over until it speaks Your will. It’s watching failure, and success, and failure, and success again, and again, and again. It’s a thousand word prayer. It’s a silent prayer when words are not enough. It’s literally thousands of miles prayed, for a group of people you’d do anything for in Your name!

But the river flows on. As Your Spirit flows through: every heart and soul, every effort put forth, every written plan, every committee, every outreach, and every mission, the Word of Peace reaches beyond any physical presence. Thousands of lives find new life near the river. The land becomes fertile and roots grow deep into the moistened soil. What was once dead, now has life! Praise You Lord! Praise You!

Our Lord! Our God! We love the people of Fremont County! What a wonderful county to visit, to meet people, or to see the glory of Your Creation! May the blessings of Your church be abundant in this county. Let the gospel flow freely over this land. And may people find Your path to the river.

We pray for the 26,930 people who have yet to connect with a gospel church in this county. May our Lord expand, elevate and reinforce the credibility of the local church in this county.

As the river flows, so the time has come for us to let the current carry us. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

Credit photo to PrayerTrip2017

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