County 17 – Campbell County

May the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be praised. May the name and the Gospel of Jesus be talked about in areas where it is “taboo”. May new life come into to bloom by the light that’s in the Son of Man, the Risen King.

Lord I occasionally wonder about how people view being part of an organized group. We might choose it out of necessity for financial reasons. We might choose it because we don’t want to be alone or isolated. We might even choose it because it makes us “feel” better about ourselves.

Our perception becomes the reality we live in. We create a point of view that’s specific to ourselves. We see ourselves relating to one group and we see ourselves not aligning with another. Your will unifies, the will of evil is to create unity in divisions.

Truth is, You designed us all with a holistic connectivity in mind. At some point, if we go against that, would that mean we are in opposition of the intended design? Things might “feel” natural, but if our definition of natural goes against the intended design, then that means there must be a larger influence over our pursuit or non-pursuit to being connected with others.

Does each individual get “their own” heaven or will all Creation enter into one heaven? I can’t imagine Heaven being for the individual, but rather a group of uniquely created individuals assembled for the Glory of You, our Creator.

Not much different than a group of trees making a beautiful landscape, a collection of planets forming a crown as a solar system or organized stars in a celestial constellation.

Me has to become we. We becomes one body.

“so that there would be no division in the body, but that the members would have the same concern for each other. So if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and individual members of it.” 1 Corinthians‬ ‭12:25-27‬ ‭CSB‬‬

Lord, my Lord…I love You so much. Thank You for the truths that are actual truths. Thank You for revealing them. Thank You for clarifying whats so important in our belonging to each other. Teach us to look outside of ourselves.

Lord we thank You for the efforts being pursued in the gospel churches throughout Campbell County. We thank You the blessings found in every day.

We pray for the 29,893 people who have yet to connect into a gospel church in this county. We pray for all who are connected with New Life Church and First Assembly in Gillette, May this community feel the presence of the Lord through their actions. May God continue to expand, elevate and reinforce the credibility of the local church in this county.

The time to stop following the behaviors of the world have come, the time to live a new life has come! We pray in the name of Christ Jesus! Amen.

Credit photo to PrayerTrip2017

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