County 3 – Sheridan County

Lord! We declare You are the One who determines victory! Praise You Lord for what You have done, are doing, and will do in our beautiful state!

We fix our eyes upon You! You are the champion who initiates and perfects our faith!

In the midst of the struggles of life, praise You for the endurance You bless us with when we fix our eyes on You! Praise You for the correction You give us, for it steers us to Your path.

“Was it in anger, Lord, that you struck the rivers and parted the sea? Were you displeased with them? No, you were sending your chariots of salvation!” Habakkuk‬ ‭3:8‬ ‭NLT‬‬

We find joy in our Savior! Everything You do… the action that comes from You… is the good that conquers evil. Let us rest, let us sit right there!

You are our Good! Praise You for seeking a change of good in our lives! Praise the name of Jesus!

We thank You for the amazing people seeking to assist You placing good in their communities! Encourage them, train them, bless them and protect them as they pursue the ministry You’ve called them to.

We pray with the people of Real Life Church in Sheridan. We pray for the 16,535 people who have yet to connect into a gospel church in this county. May You Lord, expand, elevate and reinforce the credibility of the local church in this county.

The time to increase our praises of Your name have come. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

Credit photo to PrayerTrip2017

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