County 16 – Johnson County

Father in Heaven,

We give You praise! Thank You for coming into our life! Let us never underestimate or undervalue this amazing gift brought before us! We have the gift us Jesus, our Christ.

Today we pray with, and for the people of Wyoming through Johnson County. We pray for the 4,784 people who have yet to connect into a gospel church in this county. Continue to pour Your blessings on the people of Summit Church in Buffalo. May God continue to expand, elevate and reinforce the credibility of the local church in this county.

Our Teacher, that’s what You are Lord, our Teacher; Our Master. You hold every little secret of every little detail. The details are super important, that’s why it’s You that holds them.

Life on earth isn’t perfect. Life doesn’t always fit in a perfect explanation. But that’s (our) point of view, not Yours. You ask us simply to love. Love one another first. If it’s beyond that simplicity, than we have to assume another force is at work.

Lord, YOU ARE THE ONLY FORCE I WANT AT WORK IN MY LIFE. I declare it! The only one. My brain creates problems, my perspective relative to the mental environment I’m in, or have stayed in can create problems.

So let us evaluate as You have commanded. Let us seek some truths inside ourselves.

“…Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves, measuring yourselves by the faith God has given us.” Romans‬ ‭12:3‬b NLT

We don’t need to go beyond our physical space, we can evaluate ourselves with You by ourselves. Truth from You will come to us.

So Lord, we sit here in quiet peacefulness, in complete vulnerability, in the safest place – with You. Peel back the layers of who we are and teach us to evaluate ourselves.

Get inside, pull out all those false truths and plant Your truth within us.

Jesus, we say Your name with reverence and with love. Jesus. Just saying it invites Your goodness into our mind. Jesus. Thank You for being our Teacher, our Master.

Our Lord! Our Savior! In truth, Your grace pours upon us and allows us to grieve our old thinking! In grace, Your truth makes us new!

Lord! We give all praise to You! Thank You for all the wonderful blessings in You!

The time to see His truth has come, in Jesus name we pray, amen.

Credit photo to PrayerTrip2018

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