County 4 – Sweetwater County

Give us peace O’Lord!

We come to You O Sovereign Lord, You reign over time as only the author of it could. Your hands stretch out across the expanse of every fiber woven through time. You pluck each string with care knowing what affect it will have.

We give You praise Lord! Thank You for the blessings we receive in time. From the day You birth the blessing to the day it comes before us, we give You praise and thanks for who You are!

Our Lord, our God!

We come to You! You give us peace Lord. We share bread as an act and remembrance of our thanksgiving in You. We share in the bread You have for us Lord!

“If you present your peace offering as an expression of thanksgiving, the usual animal sacrifice must be accompanied by various kinds of bread made without yeast—thin cakes mixed with olive oil, wafers spread with oil, and cakes made of choice flour mixed with olive oil.” Leviticus‬ ‭7:12‬ ‭NLT‬

In the bread of Your Presence we find peace. So let us gather! Let us come together with praise! Let us cone together and be unified as the the grains of the bread are!

We love You Lord Jesus! You are so much to us! Thank You for the blessings You bestow upon us. We thank You for the constant care and presence You have over us.

Peace be with us!

Today we pray with, and for the people of Wyoming through Sweetwater County. We pray for the 22,901 people who have yet to connect into a gospel church in this county. Lord connect a church in this county with the I Heart Wyoming initiative. May You Lord, expand, elevate, and reinforce by the credibility of the local church in this county.

The time to partake in the bread as a body has come, in Jesus name we pray, amen.

Credit photo to PrayerTrip2018

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